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People talk about how big the cities in the USA are. But this was like nothing I’d ever seen before! I was looking out of the window of the plane and I couldn’t quite make out if all those tiny dots below us were buildings. After 10 minutes I decided they couldn’t be. The city couldn’t possibly be that big.

It is.

I felt remarkably like a horrible stereotype walking out of the airport. “Excuse me, hello, where do I find a taxi? Yes, I’m here to make all of my film making dreams come true.” Come to think of it, I still feel like that. Perhaps it’s difficult not to in a town where everyone is trying to do the same!

Some good things about Los Angeles: the weather is fantastic. Some not so good things about Los Angeles: most of it looks like a burnt down service station that someone tried to re-appropriate as DisneyLand.

Venice beach

Venice beach

As I don’t know a single person in Los Angeles, it would be fair to say I was somewhat nervous about spending six weeks here! But these fears quickly evaporated when I met my new colleagues. Californian friendliness is world renowned and did not disappoint! Such a welcoming, funny, supportive environment is an absolute pleasure to work in! Despite being asked on my first day, “So I always wondered, does it sound like we have an accent to you?” (Sorry Tangier!)

In my first week I had my first: Taco, Bear Claw, trip to Venice Beach, sight of the Hollywood sign and experience of a modern clown performance. My very friendly hosts took me to see the latter, and it was great to have a good old laugh.


The Hollywood sign in the rain. It seems it followed me here! The rain… not the sign.

Bring on week two!