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It had to be done! It only took 4 hours and a lot of sun burn, but I made it to the Hollwood sign! I may have got a little lost on the way… and after the sign warning against rattlesnakes at the start of the trail, I was somewhat nervous. But Californians are friendly, and it turns out, good at giving directions. I made the mistake of trying to walk from the Griffiths Observatory, a very beautiful outpost on the top of an outlook over Hollywood town itself. It has enormous telescopes inside and from the tarraces you can get a great view of Los Angeles, even if it still doesn’t look ‘pretty’ per se!

Getting to the top was one of those “i wish 13 year old me could see me now” moments. I’ve definitely ticked one off the bucket list. Getting back down revealed that you can actually drive to a point which is around 20 mins from the top… I’ll know for next time!

On Sunday, we shot our short film “What Would Russell Brand Do?”. We had a lot of fun – it’s just as silly as it sounds! I’m half way through editing at the moment, so watch this space, it’ll be up here soon! I make a very embarrassing cameo appearance…

I also finally made it down to the British pub in Santa Monica, which surprisingly, did not disappoint! We had a fabulous roast dinner, with all the trimmings, and even a spot on Yorkshire pudding.

This week at work, I’ve been putting together a budget for a documentary that we’re pitching. I find this thrilling as I am one of those very cool individuals who absolutely LOVES spreadsheets. You don’t know anyone else like that? Oh how odd… theres’ loads of us I swear… The other exciting aspect of this task is that it’s for a much larger budget than i’ve done before, so it’s cracking experience and much more of a challenge. And you know me, I love a challenge.

My colleagues here were pleased to finally find a burger which I thought compared to the best burgers I’ve had in the UK. “Father’s Office” in Culver City is a very hip restaurant – John tells me he often sees his friend Gwyneth Paltrow there. Sorry John I think you dropped something…!

But now it’s time to sign off, as it’s time to pack for my trip tomorrow – Vegas, baby, yeah!