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What people rarely tell you is that Los Vegas is actually in a beautiful desert. It’s really quite stunning. Think “Dances With Wolves” or other visually gorgeous wild west movies of days gone by. But yes, ok, I also did spend a lot of time partying! If you’re interested there’s some fun video clips in my latest vlog.

In my infinite wisdom, I decided that rather than paying hundreds of dollars for a flight, I would pay $15 and go by bus. It says online that it takes 6 hours. Not so bad, right? Wrong. It actually takes at least 9 hours, each way. So my schedule looked like this:

11am-8pm Bus
9pm-6am Party

6am-1pm Sleep
2pm-11pm Bus

If you ever get to go, take the plane guys. On the plus side, I’ve never seen a place so crazy great! It’s like Disney World for grown ups. The hotels are castles and sky scrapers and pirate ships, everyone is your new best friend, and the girl in my hostel room had her kitten with her. KITTEN! All in all – a pretty fab weekend.

Unfortunately, the week took a turn for the worse and I ended up spending quite a bit of time in the hospital with complications from a spinal tap that I was given. I’d rather not think about it, but to cut a long story short, several days of not being able to get out of bed and one surgical procedure later, I am now on the mend! Thank you thank you thank you to all the people who helped me out when I couldn’t feed myself!

Here’s to a fabulous last few days!